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I’m a big guy, 6″5 and also have my legs or head stick out from furniture. I found the Regal model and its one of the best chairs I’ve sat in. I originally wanted a row of 4 seats, but could only fit in 3 because of their size, but completely worth it since it fits me very well. Great chair for me!

Roy Jordan (Atlanta)



Enjoying my new Turbo theater seats this weekend – thank you Octane!! The seats are large and perfect for my whole family….not sure if I will ever be able to get out of these on the weekend. Leather quality is superior to all other models I looked at and the lighting is a blast. Make sure you get power recline…its worth the few extra dollars.

Timothy K (Marietta, GA)



We decided on the Turbo XL700 for our theater room. I didn’t have a lot of space, but we also wanted bigger charts so we got 3 seats in the back and a row of 2 in the front. The seats got here pretty quickly, which surprised me since I wasn’t ready for them yet Anyhow, we set them up and the kids love them. Very satisfied overall.

Jonathan Mora (San Antonio, Texas)

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Octane Seating proudly produces the largest selection of dedicated home theater seating in the North American market. Outfit your home theater for fun here, and you will discover the perfect blend of comfort and style for your media room. Experience quality relaxation and the rich choice of features and design elements in our theater chairs that empower your media experience. When quality and comfort matter most, you will see that Octane theater seats lead the pack across all media chairs in this industry. Enjoy movie chairs where precision meets comfort because we stand behind our seating with extensive warranties and top-notch support – our team of experts is there far beyond the time you first see your theater furniture.

Here you will find home theater recliners with innovative features like power headrest recline, as well as our accessory dock with a wide range of fun and exciting add-ons like tray tables, wine glass holders, reading lights, tablet holders and so much more. There is an extensive choice of upholstery options in leather, fabric and bonded leathers to choose from in a rainbow array of colors.  Are you ready to create a room that defines your imagination and epitomizes the themes and culture that make you ‘YOU’? Home theaters never cease to amaze us with their unique fingerprint and inspired creative ideas. Are you ready to relax?