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I’m a big guy, 6″5 and also have my legs or head stick out from furniture. I found the Regal model and its one of the best chairs I’ve sat in. I originally wanted a row of 4 seats, but could only fit in 3 because of their size, but completely worth it since it fits me very well. Great chair for me!

Roy Jordan (Atlanta)



Enjoying my new Turbo theater seats this weekend – thank you Octane!! The seats are large and perfect for my whole family….not sure if I will ever be able to get out of these on the weekend. Leather quality is superior to all other models I looked at and the lighting is a blast. Make sure you get power recline…its worth the few extra dollars.

Timothy K (Marietta, GA)



We decided on the Turbo XL700 for our theater room. I didn’t have a lot of space, but we also wanted bigger charts so we got 3 seats in the back and a row of 2 in the front. The seats got here pretty quickly, which surprised me since I wasn’t ready for them yet Anyhow, we set them up and the kids love them. Very satisfied overall.

Jonathan Mora (San Antonio, Texas)

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