The Octane Glass Tray Table is elegant and the ultimate new accessory for your theater seating. Made with thick tempered glass and solid stainless steel and aluminum components, this table is ready to hold all the necessities for the perfect family movie night!

The steel post under the glass connects effortlessly to the table and simply inserts into the Accessory Dock. The overall design is optimized to allow for easily storage in all Octane storage arms when not in use. Are you ready to change your weekends forever?

glass tray tables octane seating for recliner
octane tablet and phone holder


The Octane Tablet Holder is constructed of solid aluminum with a sleek and chic design. It is equipped with a 360 degree angle adjustable hinge for unlimited viewing positions. It moves freely and silently, rotates vertically or horizontally and can be flipped over to the other side, allowing you to share it with others.

With a silicone pad design and six supporting arms with rubber pins adjustable from 146mm to 208mm, it can hold the iPad, Kindle DX, tablets and eBooks. Tested with the highest industrial standard, 85% torque remains after 20,000 times full range operation.


The Octane Wine Glass Holder elevates your theater room to VIP status. Enjoy your favorite Cabernet, Pinot Noir or Chardonnay while viewing your favorite movies.

The cylinder post is constructed of 100% brushed aluminum that fits snugly into the Octane Accessory Dock™. The handle offers a gentle curved design that fits most wine glasses securely and safely. The aluminum post rotates a complete 360 degrees and is easy to clean and maintain.

octane wine glass holder
new octane tray table in black


The Octane Swivel Tray Table offers a matte black finish along with a solid aluminum post, allowing you to enjoy a true cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home.

The table top measures 13 ¼ inches long by 9 ½ inches wide, large enough to hold a bowl of popcorn to a full course meal. The table swivels 360 degrees and is easily removable and washable.


The Octane LED Flex Light allows you to locate and view your remote controls with ease. Additionally, sit back and relax reading your favorite book or novel, all in the comfort of the best seat in the house.

The light uses a stainless steel goose neck arm that is extremely flexible and holds its positioning. Simply place it into the Octane Accessory Dock™, turn it on via its touch sensor button, and it will instantly light up with its low voltage LED lights. It offers high brightness and low energy consumption. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

octane reading light accessory
new octane control switch


The Octane power control and USB outlet allows you to manage your seat recline and charge your devices while you relax and enjoy the show.

Beautifully designed with a brushed steel finish and recessed buttons, just push a button and have your theater seat recline silently to the perfect angle for your body and viewing pleasure. The control also features ambient blue LED lighting, making it easy to see when watching your favorite movies.


The Octane Recliner Pillow is perfect for those who need added support while reclining. The pillow is filled with premium blown fiber that provides the right amount of support along with incredible comfort. An ergonomic shape was designed for muscle relief and can be used for either the head or neck.

Offered in both top grain leather and bonded leather, in both black and brown to match your home theater seats. Simply drape it over the headrest, then adjust it to your desired position. It is compatible with any of our Octane home theater seating models.

octane accessory head rest
octane arm rest with cup holder and accessory dock


The Octane Accessory Dock™ comes standard on many of our in stock models, and can be added on any of our custom models. Constructed of lightweight aluminum, it is housed on each arm in front of the cupholders.

The Accessory Dock fits a host of accessories, including our Wine Glass Holder, Dual USB Charger, Swivel Tray Table, Flex Reading Light, and Tablet Holder. It offers a 12 volt current that eliminates any needs for batteries and is extremely safe and childproof.


The Octane LED Lighted Baserail provides a true cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. This accessory is standard on several in stock models and can be added to any of our custom models.

The baserail consists of tiny low voltage LED lights that cast a soft blue glow. The lighting allows you to enjoy your movies and showcase your beautiful seats all at the same time. They can be turned or off with the simple touch of a button located on the rim of the cupholders.

octane base rail lights and trays
octane wine glass holder and tray table


The Octane LED Lighted Cupholders provide blue ambient lighting within the cups that allow you to find your drinks with ease. The soft light will not interfere with your movie experience and enhance the look of your home theater.

Made of low voltage LED lights, they are easily turned on or off with the simple touch of a button situated on the rim of the cupholder. The cupholders offer a piano black finish and are easy to maintain and clean.


Several of our in stock models offer in arm storage compartments. Most of our custom models can be outfitted with arm storage in several different designs.

Whether you are seeking shallow storage for remote controls or electronics, or deep consoles to fit magazines and other items, Octane Seating can design anything you desire. Additional items such as electrical outlets and lights can be manufactured into any of our custom designed arms.

octane hidden in-arm storage
octane aluminum tray table


Elegance and style are not easy characteristics to fuse but the Octane aluminium tray tables achieve this successfully with a top-notch design.   The solid and weighted tray table has a matte finish and connects to the seating arm rest with an included aluminium post.


Looking to kick back and have a cigar as you put the week in the rear view mirror? We got you covered with our solid aluminum cigar holder and ashtray. Simply slide the attached pin into an accessory dock and relax in your seats and enjoy the show.

octane cigar holder


What movie viewing experience is complete without popcorn ? This sturdy, stainless steel popcorn bowl not only looks stylish, but maintains its temperature for an extended to keep you favorite snacks warm and can be anchored into the Accessory dock preventing spills.


The removable arm is perfect for home theater seat layouts with a loveseat or sofa configuration. To use, simply slide the fin-shaped base between seat cushions. The removable arm features a metal cupholder that is removable and dishwasher safe.

removable sofa arm for seatig with cup holder


Add additional arm comfort and storage to loveseat and sofa seating configurations. The storage compartment is perfect for holding remotes, snacks and other small items, and the removable metal cupholder is dishwasher safe. To use, simply slide between two seat cushions.


Our exclusive seat connectors were created to keep seats placed on hard surfaces like wood and tile securely in place. To use, simply remove the round foot of one recliner, replace with the provided triangle feet and push seats together to lock in place.

octane stitching on leather


Octane Seating’s custom models can be truly personalized according to your every whim. We can apply welting and any type of stitch application in your color of choice. Welting is piping along a seam. It can be done in the same color or a contrasting color, known as a contrast welt.

Stitching applications include single stitch, double stitch, baseball stitching and many more. Choose color matching or color contrasting thread to create your perfect home theater seating style.


We offer integrated heat and massage units, typically driven by a hand held unit giving you the flexibility of multiple massage features and levels of heat.

We work with multiple systems, so once we understand what features are most important to you, we can deliver the best product to meet your needs.

heat massage
octane remote control access console


With Octane custom models we can outfit wired or wireless touch screen control panels to the manufacturer specific degree into our seats. We can retrofit your desired touch screen control panels directly into the arms or storage compartments.

Once you have chosen your control panel let us know the brand name and model number. From there we can start the design process to ensure a perfect fit into our custom models.


Our embroidery services can range from a simple design to the most complex and multi-colored applications. We use state of the art machinery along with the best threads and materials ensuring quality that will last for years to come.

We typically request a sample of your design that will be proofed, setup then applied according to your specifications. Add your family’s surname, favorite team, company name or logo to truly customize your Octane theater seats.

octane fabric options
octane nail heads


For traditional seating applications we can apply an unlimited selection of nail heads or tacks to your seating. Whether you have your own tack or prefer to select from our assortment, we can truly customize the look of your Octane home theater seats.

From small sized to large, multiple colors and shapes, each application is hand applied by our in house craftsmen. Each tack is individually applied for the best in quality and craftsmanship.


Bass Shakers are tactile devices that produce vibration instead of sound. They allow users to feel powerful bass without excessive volume. It enables the excitement, impact and feeling in the movie you are watching directly in their Octane theater seat.

We carry all of the brand names including Buttkicker™, Aura Sound, Clark Synthesis and more.