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The Anatomy of a Truly World-Class Recliner

By March 25, 2017Products

How It All Works


We decided to create a cut-away of one of our best sellers – the Octane Nitro.  What makes a recliner the ‘best recliner in the world?’  This image clearly demonstrates what elements make up an Octane chair.  In this post, we will provide the logic and motivation behind each of these elements so that you can understand why they are there.  Needless to say, we destroyed many great new chairs in the process of getting the total picture.  It was all worth it because we are thrilled with the end result.


Articulated Full Head Support

The headrest on all models is slightly articulated to provided the perfect degree of support during long hours in front of the TV. This gentle curve is designed to make sure you have the perfect viewing angle to the screen.

Deep Arm Storage Compartments

The in-arm storage is almost an essential requirement on a good media room seat these days. Those remotes and TV guides seem to always find a good place to hide and what better location that right in your seat's armrest where one can effortlessly access it. Storage on Octane seats is deeper than most storage compartments on other brand recliners. We make a point of allowing for extra depth to be able to store the wide range of accessories that are available for this brand.

Wide Metal Cup Holders

Every model made by Octane includes cup holders that can be removed for cleaning. This is essential. Given that they will hold drinks that are going to spill or condense, and then drip to the bottom of the cupholder, cleaning should be a regular process of maintenance on all our models. The standard Octane color is black matte finished stainless steel. Optional silver stainless steel can be included as well at the request of the customer.

Metal Accessory Dock

This stainless steel dock is one of the critical elements of most Octane theater seats. The dock/spindle accommodates a wide range of add-on accessories that can be purchased along with your Octane furniture. These accessories include items like tray tables, reading lights, iPad holders and popcorn buckets to mention just a few. This is your throne and you are the king!

Bucket Style Contour Seating

The seating cushion is slightly concave so that the sides are higher than the center. The benefit is the fact that the padding envelopes your body when you relax back and sit in the chair.

Double Needle Stitching

Double stitching presents a very premium look and ensures that the seams remain uniform and consistent throughout. The strength of a double stitch also enhances the longevity of the seating allowing for years of unmatched comfort and quality.

Top Grain Thick Leather

Top grain leather is the portion of the hide that is cut from the top where the hide is most durable and developed. This ensures strength during use, but also softness. Lower portions of the hide tend to be less susceptible to stretching and pulling which make them less desirable for furniture seating surfaces.

Full Chaise Footrest

The chaise footrest is a type of footrest that is designed without any gaps between the seat cushion and the end of the footrest. This is most often recommended because the seating provides continuous leg support which is ideal when relaxing for hours in front of a good movie. Octane always uses genuine top grain leather on this portion of the seat. Many other brands replace this with a synthetic look-a-like that saves the other brand money but lacks longer term durability and performance.

Extra Plush Fiber Fill

The fiber fill used is always the highest grade which ensures consistency and resiliency. The fill gives the seating an extra degree of softness which improves the comfort.

1.8 Pound High Density Foam

Foam density determines the firmness of the seating in furniture. Using a high-density foam will result in a harder seat that maintains its shape more after standing up. Higher density foams are typically used in more contemporary furniture where lower density tends to exist more in traditional and transitional styles. There is a delicate balance because density will also determine the long-term shape of the foam. The higher density will retain shape for longer after years of use. Our thoughts are that a medium to firm density is best and for that reason we prefer a 1.8 pound density foam. Excellent to sit in and superb durability.

Heavy Gauge No-Sag Sinuous Springs

The springs for the foundation for the inner foam and fill core along with the frame. The give the seat a buoyancy and bounce so that when one leans back, you do not eventually hit the frame. Octane only uses heavy gauge steel in the sourcing of the springs. They are flexible and supple to movement as well as long lasting.

Full Lower Lumbar Support

The lower lumbar region of any seat is crucially important to the comfort of the chair. Ensuring that this portion of the seat has the absolute correct combination of fiber, fill, memory foam and comfort can make or break a chair. Lower lumbar support is a key driver of back health and Octane pays careful attention to this region of every seat.

Gel Infused Memory Foam

Memory foam is the new wonder product in bedding and mattress comfort. The inclusion of a memory foam topper inside of the seat cushion will give each and every Octane seat that extra special feel. This is the cherry on the top that takes the comfort to the next level.


Individual Pocketed Coils

Pocket coils are another key driver of quality and comfort. These are individually wrapped coils that are grouped and then included in the seat cushion. The longevity of the seat quality is improved using coils over just a foam core that will wear down over years and eventually change shape. With coils, there is less of that risk and it takes its lessons from the mattress market which use a coil concept over a pure foam core. This has proved to be the long term winner in comfort and design.

Reinforced Corner Joints

Frame corners that are reinforced with brackets last longer through everyday wear and tear. They ensure the shell under all the upholstery and material stays intact and strong.

Kiln Dried Hardwood Frame

Kiln dried hardwood results in a stronger finished product that will remain resistant and strong to regular everyday usage. The kiln dried hard woods are used on the actual supporting structures of the frame like the base and arm rests supports and then an MDF is used to create the filler between that frame - for instance as shown around the cup holder.

Hopefully, this cut-away and corresponding bullet points demonstrate the huge amount of extra effort that our factory and design team goes into to deliver what we feel is the finest media room seating on the planet today, for the money.  It is not our goal to deliver a product that we are going to have issues with after 2 years.  Our goal is to create a wonderful experience that you will enjoy for years and years as you kick back and relax to your favorite movies and television shows.

You’ll wish every seat was as comfortable as ours.  Welcome to your new comfort zone!