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Sex and the Sitting: How Two Sixties Icons Became Entwined

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The Arne Jacobsen chair (that is not an Arne Jacobsen chair) in this picture has become as iconic a symbol as the model sitting astride it. It illustrated the transition...
ergonomics for seating health

Seating Resources – The Health Concern of Improper Ergonomics

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Have you ever been at work on the computer and have neck pain? Or have a headache? Or have back pain? This is a common problem that faces office workers,...

Movies in the Age of IMAX

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Even if you are devoted to developing the perfect home movie theater, it is sometimes nice to go out and mix with the general public. For movie buffs, there are...
home theater ergonomics

Putting The Person First: Ergonomics and the Home Theatre

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Escaping the often cramped and uncomfortable surroundings of the movie theater for the luxury of a home movie experience is one of the pleasures of having your own home movie...
speaker placement for the best home theater sound experience

Placing Your Speakers Right for the Best Sound Experience

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For a movie buff, there is nothing more exhilarating than enjoying the latest Hollywood blockbuster in the comfort of their very own home theater. A high-quality sound system can take...

5 Tips to Make It Easier to Choose a Home Theater Projector

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Although a big screen TV is enough for a home theater setup, using a home theater projector with a big display screen can take your movie experience to the next...

The Science of Measuring Your Seating to Screen Distance

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A home theater system offers the ultimate movie experience. There is nothing like kicking back in your most comfortable recliner and enjoying a movie marathon of your favorite flicks. However,...
Beginner's Resource to Upholstery on furniture

Beginner’s Resource Guide to Furniture Upholstery

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Whether you are trying to upgrade your existing furniture to make it look new again or you are perusing used furniture, updating upholstery is an effective way to refurbish your...
movie editing at home

Movies at Home: A Guide to Film Editing

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People make their own videos for a lot of reasons. If you have your own website, making a movie can be a great way to share content with your visitors....

6 Tips to Manage Wiring for Your Home Theater Setup

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When it comes to home theater set-up, people often end up spending thousands of dollars on equipment and even the seating arrangement. But, they rarely pay any attention to the...

DIY Projection Screen Making: 4 Tips to Get It Right in the First Take

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When it comes to setting up a home theater for best experience, nothing can beat the big screen when watching movies or even playing video games. However, most people refrain...
most expensive modern chairs

Piece of Art or a Piece of Furniture? These are the World’s Finest Modern Chairs.

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The world of antique furniture is full of priceless works of art that sell for small fortunes.  But what about modern day furniture?  Which pieces made today in 2017, command...

The White House Family Theater Over the Years

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President Obama has been known to reference pop culture in speeches and statements, so it's clear he keeps up with movies. But did you ever wonder how he sees them?...
silent movie and film history

The History of Silent Movies in the Theater

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It's Saturday night, and you are looking for something to do. How about going to your local theater for a movie? The movie theater has been a destination for generations....

New Introduction: Octane Viper is Perfect In Every Stitch

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The Octane Viper is a seat that we have carried in our custom line for a number of years and are very excited to introduce this chair into the Quick...
the globe theatre in london shakespeare

A Look at Shakespeare and the Globe Theater

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"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women are merely players." That was the beginning of one of the most famous works of William Shakespeare. It was...
6 Important Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Home Theater

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Home Theater

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If done right, a home theater can be a dream upgrade for your house. In fact, considering the soaring prices of movie tickets, snacks, and peak-hour traffic, you are better...
anatomy of a world class recliner

The Anatomy of a Truly World-Class Recliner

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How It All Works   We decided to create a cut-away of one of our best sellers - the Octane Nitro.  What makes a recliner the 'best recliner in the...

The Complete Home Theater Setup Guide for Movie Buffs

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Watching the latest blockbusters is perhaps the best way to spend a weekend for a movie buff. After all, who doesn't like to watch movies in a theater on a...
greek mythology in theater

Greek Mythology in Theater

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EARLY ORIGINS Greek theater is still one of the most important and long-lasting theatrical influences in the world, dating from around 700 BC and with some Greek plays still being...