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In houses across the country, people are finding new ways to entertain themselves and their friends without ever setting foot out of the front door. One of the ways to do that is by building a home theater or media room that’s meant specifically for entertainment. Once, a basic design with a television and reasonably comfortable seating may have been sufficient, but today, there are many ways that people can create a space that speaks of luxury.

One of the ways to do that is to buy the right theater seating. Furniture is but one step to building the best media room possible, yet it is also one of the most important steps. Octane Seating is the best source of high-quality cinema seating. Furniture that’s for sale on our site is available in stock and custom models and, depending on the model, in leather or other upholstery, and we offer an array of high-end features.


The first step to building a media room is deciding between the two. Although the names are used interchangeably, there is a difference between them. Octane Turbo XL700 Brown Top Grain leather in modern settingA home theater is traditionally a room that is designed simply for viewing movies. When it comes to theater seating, furniture is arranged in rows facing the screen or television. Placing the chairs in this manner gives the room a more theater-like appearance and ensures that everyone can see the screen.

Because home theaters are meant to be dark, the room that you choose should have minimal or subtle lighting and fewer windows for less light. Ideally, lights should be fitted with a dimmer so that the room isn’t overly dark.

When building a media room, the importance of theater sound and soundproofing must also be taken into consideration. Things such as carpeting or drapes along the side of the room can help when it comes to undesired noise.


A media room is an area where people gather to enjoy multiple sources of entertainment, such as video games, television, and reading. Instead of being a quiet space like a home theater room, a media room is the home’s social hub and is often quite noisy. When studying how to build a media room, people will find that normal lighting and windows are acceptable. Media room equipment is also important. Like in the home theater, media room equipment will include a large-screen television and a quality sound system. It will also include other multimedia devices that allow Internet connectivity and game play, for example.


Octane-Diesel-Home-Theater-SmallFurniture for media room use should include theater-style seating for comfort but may also include additional items of furniture such as a coffee table or pool table. Because media rooms have all of the capabilities of a home theater and are flexible in how they may be used, people often use them for watching movies as well. When necessary, windows may be darkened and lights dimmed for the best picture quality.

When it comes to theater furniture, seating may be arranged in any manner that complements the room’s size and is pleasing to the homeowner. Since we offer seats in groups of four, three, or two or individually, customers can set up the room any way they choose.


Regardless of whether one chooses to build a home theater or a media room, comfort and quality are of the utmost importance. When you choose Octane Seating theater seats, your clients will have a room that will be enjoyed for years to come. If your business has any questions about our seat models or accessories, our professional staff is available to help. Simply contact us by phone or fax or online.