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Celebrities are known for their lavish lifestyles and homes and nothing is more fabulous than a private home theater.   We looked back at our social media posts over the last 3 years and found the celebrity rooms that our followers most loved.  From the highly luxurious, to the modern and high-tech, these 25 home theaters are as diverse as the stars they belong to.

#25 Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s home theater room is sleek and modern, indicative of a fashionista who knows how to keep up with the ever-changing trends. There are two corner love seats in the front on the first tier. The second tier features a large sofa with a minimalistic ottoman. Photos are on the wall and lights guide the way for the guests to find their seats.

#24 Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry’s theater room is so much more than that. It comes with ultra cozy and plush chaises to relax on while watching the huge screen, yes, but the screen itself lifts up, and when it does, you get a view of the marvelous Los Angeles skyline. The one wall is a clear-bottomed infinity pool so that you can look out and be soothed by the water… or, uh, check on the folks that are swimming in it.

#23 Nikki Sixx

With the help of his DIY-loving wife and a custom home theater designer, Nikki Sixx was able to create a glam-rock inspired home theater room that seats 20 people. It’s dark and mysterious once the lights dim for the film with its red velvet Ralph Lauren inspired seats, red lighting and old fashioned chandeliers. It has a bar covered in black marble that is purported by Courtney Sixx to “feel like leather.”

#22 Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony’s theater room is casual and beachy, just like his home. This theater room features tiered sofas that are large, wide and accommodating, perfect for getting together a group of friends for a flick. Several ottomans sit at the front of the sofas for the purpose of kicking your feet up or for additional seating should the night call for it. The projector is on the ceiling in its traditional location.

#21 Enrique Iglesias

With its unique windows and expansive views of the Miami skyline, it might be hard to determine whether someone might want to look at the screen or at the views. Enrique Iglesias’ home theater features beauty from floor to ceiling in an octagonal-shaped room that draws the eye to the television. A sleek sectional sofa provides a way for everyone to cozy up and watch the movies together.

#20 Barbara Streisand

Barbara Streisand has perfected the art of anytime movie watching. Instead of simply having a room with comfy chairs and a big screen, she takes it one-step further. At the press of a button, a wall disappears behind the couch and shows the projector at the same time that a 17-foot wide screen descends to cover the entire window. The doors close, the shades on the windows come down, and everyone is ready to enjoy a movie, even during the brightest time of the day.

#19 Mel B

Mel B, who is better known to most as Scary Spice from the Spice Girls, has a home theater room that is dark and luxurious. The silver screen hangs down in the front of the narrower sized room and faces the several rows of tiered seating. On these tiers, there are three black leather reclining armchairs. Steps up onto the tiers are lighted, much like they are in a real theater.

#18 Brittany Spears

Plush and pretty like you’d expect from the pop princess herself, Brittany Spears’ home theater is crisp, neutral-colored and beautiful. This home theater room features tiered seating that boasts long, modern armless couches. Ottomans are available in the back row, and soft white rugs are present in the front. There is a large window that provides a beautiful mountain view with drapes that can be shut when it comes time to watch the movie.

#17 Sean “Diddy” Combs

If anything can be described as “extra” or doing the most, it’s definitely Sean Combes’ theater room. Step inside and be taken back a few solid decades to a classic theater complete with giant red curtains on either side of the screen, red velvet old-fashioned theater seats with golden trimmed track arms and even golden-toned walls. The chairs are tiered to further that feeling of stepping into some old luxury theater.

#16 Vince Vaughn

The Vince Vaughn theater room is quite handsome and sophisticated. To put it lightly, you’d probably feel weird watching anything but political documentaries in there. It has beautiful wood walls, vaulted, crisp white ceilings and a chandelier to top it all off. Matching brown reclining armchairs face toward the screen which can be concealed by the thick, heavy curtains when the screen is not in use.

#15 Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi’s theater room is reminiscent of an old cabin somewhere in the middle of the woods and not in their city home. It features stone floors and stone walls to further that appearance. There is a large seating area in front of the television complete with a spacious coffee table, and behind the couch is a small dining area for dinner and a movie in style.

#14 Adam Levine

Adam Levine knows what it means to relax in style. He’s incorporated cool blue colors that offer a relaxing environment to unwind and watch a move in with plenty of speakers and lights throughout the room. The floor where the seating area is, is recessed, letting you sit at the perfect eye level with the screen. The chairs are layered on an incline like a real theater, and there is room to spread out and kick up your feet on some fluffy ottomans.

#13 Charlize Theron

The home theater belonging to Charlize Theron can only be described as relaxed, casual and familiar. Two large bed-sized chaises sit in the front of the room, complete with plenty of pillows. In the back, there is a long sofa that can accommodate a minimum of six people. In a traditional theater room style, the projector sits at the top of the room on the ceiling to be sure no rude people walk in front of it and black out an important scene.

#12 Kelly Clarkson

With ceilings that look like stars and beautiful wooden walls, the “Since U Been Gone” singer sure has an interesting taste in décor. It keeps up its classy and traditional nature despite the ceiling with its black leather armchairs and unique lighting fixtures on the walls. The chairs are spaced by even more wood. Spaced evenly throughout the room are classic movie posters that surely depict some of her favorite films.

#11 George Clooney

Made to look just like a theater, George Clooney’s home theater is traditionally styled. It features a 14-foot Da-Lite screen room that spans twice that size. The seats are arranged like a real cinema might be, arm rests complete with cupholders on the CinemaTech chairs. These chairs are designed to function and recline like chairs in a cinema but with the added comfort of padding and the luxury of not knocking elbows with your neighbor.

#10 Ice Cube

Ice Cube has a fully lighted home theater and heavy drapes that really make the space feel closed in, in a pleasant and cozy way. Two recliners are positioned at the back of the theater if one wants to watch a film with one other person, or as a way to provide extra seating when the large black leather sectional is all filled up. A screen takes up almost the entirety of the wall.

#9 Jennifer Lopez

Almost looking more like the VIP room in some swank nightclub than it looks like a home theater, Jennifer Lopez’s home theater room is one that shows Ms. Lopez is no stranger to luxury. This room features several rows of seating stacked auditorium-style like a real cinema. It has side tables on each row for coffee or cocktails, and the lighting on the wall is something you’d see stumbling your way through the aisles right before the movie starts in a real theater.

#8 Ryan Seacrest

Reminiscent of a log cabin, Ryan Seacrest’s home theater is warm and cozy. The walls look like the interior of such a cabin, and it is complete with a glowing fireplace off to the right of the large movie screen that takes up an entire wall. There are several couches that sit on tiers like a real theater and are complete with ottomans for propping up the feet and tables for storing the drinks.

#7 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

While he might be a rough and tumble looking dude, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has an ultra sleek theater room that would make anyone question what they thought about his tastes. It features tiered seating with rows of reclining armchairs, complete with cupholders. There are red pillars along the wall that add some color, and from each pillar stems a row of lights along the ceiling to light the way to your seat.

#6 Drake

Drake’s home theater cannot be described as anything but elegant. Its golden-toned ceilings follow the levels of the tiered chairs, slowly descending down toward the giant screen in the front. The chairs are ultra plush black leather armchairs complete with cupholders. The screen has an Old School-style curtain that hangs off to the side until the movie is over, and the walls are a nice neutral color while also being soundproof.

#5 Selena Gomez

Like a theater room fit for a princess herself, the Selena Gomez is a whimsical and fun cinema room that incorporates designs old and new. The screen is set atop a stage which makes sense for the singer and actress to have. Two tiers composed of eight brown reclining armchairs face the stage, while heavy drapes cover the windows and the doors of the room. The projector hangs down from the exceptionally high ceilings.

#4 Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry’s theater room is what might happen if you were to grab a screen, some cinema seats and transport them back into some old castle. It has a high ceiling that is given a vaulted look thanks to its stone-looking bars that extend from what are essentially stone pedestals on the wall. It has several rows of tiered seating that face the front with lights guiding you the whole way to your seat.

#3 Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz’s home theater is dark and cozy, just like a theater room should be. There are several rows of tiered seating with each guest having a throw blanket to use to settle in and get comfy. On the walls are Old School style drapes–you know, those thick, heavy ones you’d only see back in the day, giving it an old timey feel with a whole lot of modern comfort.

#2 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ home theater room is red and gray, a cozy and inviting den with giant seating accommodations and a giant screen to go with it. This theater room features tiered seating that offers two large chaises the size of king beds on each tier. There are steps to get up and down, and the walls are soundproofed using red matching material. The lights in the ceiling help define the shape of the room.

#1 Beyonce and Jay Z

Just like you might expect from Beyonce & Jay Z, their theater room is large, spacious, elegant and cozy. The room features a slightly domed ceiling that leads the eye down to the giant screen that takes up an entire wall in the room. Warm golden light leads the way to the seats, and you can choose from one of the many white armchairs or sofas with tufted ottomans.