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Private viewing rooms and other similar entertainment spaces are becoming increasingly popular. The ever-rising cost of movie tickets and concessions makes it difficult for many to ignore the lack of cleanliness, comfort, and privacy that plagues many traditional movie theaters. These flaws, plus the advances in television, multimedia devices, and sound technology, make watching the latest movies in private spaces an appealing option to more people than ever. In addition, the various types of home entertainment, such as video games, are an appealing and fun pastime for many. For some, a comfortable chair and a large-screen television are enough to create a comfortable space, while others demand something more. In cases like this, people want to create an entertainment space that makes them feel like a celebrity. Theater seating from Octane Seating is the solution! Our luxury theater seating is so much more than just simple chairs. They’re designed to highlight the customer’s entertainment experience with comfort and style.

bolt seats for VIP space

When planning an entertainment room worthy of a VIP, the discerning customer wants to create a room featuring high-end, luxury seating and an advanced home theater and/or gaming system that will turn their chosen space into their ideal space for relaxation and entertainment. For that reason, they want to make the right choices and purchase items that make them feel like a VIP. Cinema seating should be exceedingly comfortable for more than just watching the latest romantic comedy or action flick. It should comfortably seat your customers whether they’re watching a movie, playing video games, or reading a book. Luxury theater seating must also be attractive, well-crafted, and a complement to the room for which it has been chosen. Our theater seating comes with optional accessories that will add comfort to any media room. These accessories include tablet and wine glass holders, tray tables, an LED reading light, and even a dual USB charger.

octane wine glass holder and tray table

In creating an entertainment room, luxury seating isn’t the only consideration. The perfect space starts with selecting the right room in the home. It should be large enough to accommodate the seating that customers plan to purchase plus the equipment that they’ll need. The room shape and even the number of windows (the fewer the better) are also considerations when selecting the right space for a screening room. Some degree of soundproofing may also be necessary to fully enjoy true theater sound without excess noise. Your customers should also be advised that the right lighting can help when creating an entertainment room worthy of a VIP. Cinema seating with LED-lighted baserails and illuminated cup-holders are features that we offer that are useful while watching a movie in a darkened room.

led baserail lighting

Octane Seating has what your customers need to help them create a space fit for a celebrity. Theater seating is the icing on the cake for a well-equipped entertainment room. It gives it style and functionality and sets the right atmosphere. We offer businesses the opportunity to provide their clients with some of the best seats available. If you have questions regarding the theater seating options that are for sale on our site, you can contact us online or by phone. Our professional team of customer service agents are extremely knowledgeable and can answer any questions that you may have.