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Have you ever been at work on the computer and have neck pain? Or have a headache? Or have back pain? This is a common problem that faces office workers, students, and other people at home. The problem may deal with ergonomics.

Simply stated ergonomics can be defined as the study of how equipment such as desks, chairs and computer equipment can be arranged to be efficient and healthier to use. Not being ergonomically efficient can lead to physical problems such as constant neck or back pain, eye strain, pain in the arm or wrist, and persistent headaches while on the job.

The answer to addressing these problems would be make your work or study environment as ergonomically friendly as possible. Having your chair at the proper height, your computer equipment at the proper eye and wrist level can reduce strain and your pain.

To learn more about ergonomics and how you can be healthy while on the job, school or at home, we have compiled some helpful information. Please feel free to use it to be healthier.