Lumbar Pillow

Our unique orthopedic lumbar support cushion features premium memory foam infused with bamboo charcoal. This helps ensure your back cushion stays fresh and odorless, helps control humidity, and is thermo-regulating.

You’ll stay nice and cool with our unique ventilated foam which has been drilled to help make it breathable. Our cover consists of 3D breathable mesh that is machine washable and allows for maximum airflow. You can now sit and relax for hours on end, providing optimal lower back support and comfort.

The lumbar pillow comes with a secondary over-sized strap that enables you to attach the strap around the seat back of any home theater seat. Our premium pillow is not just limited to use on your Octane chairs but is also the best lumbar support cushion for an office chair or for use in your car. The large stay-put strap with buckle helps keep your lower back cushion perfectly aligned for the right fit, every time.


  • 5″ W x 17″ L x 14″ H
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