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With the right high-end media room furniture, it is easy to transform an ordinary room in a home or office building into a custom theater that is ideal for watching a movie, enjoying other entertainment, hosting a meeting, and much more. In setting up such a room, it is necessary to consider only the very best seating options and furniture choices that combine durability with fine aesthetics. Many customers who are trying to create a media and entertainment room are also looking for media room seating ideas that will help them visualize just what they can achieve in a home or office media room. Consider all of the options before choosing the right furniture for a media room.

The Finest Leather

storm-brown-5Media room chairs will be stylish, durable, and comfortable when the finest luxury leather is used. Our seat options here at Octane Seating are constructed from the best top-grain leather available, and designers can choose from media room chairs made with grade 1000, 2000, or 3000 leather as well as Ultra Suede. A variety of different colors are available for each leather type, but black certainly remains one of the most popular choices for our media room recliners and other furniture. Black goes well with most décor, looks great in a home or commercial setting, and gives a classic look that is sure to please anyone who sits in our leather chairs.

Quality Accessories

Today, movie aficionados are demanding more from their media room seats than just a nice, comfortable place to sit down. They are also looking for top-quality accessories that can meet a variety of needs as they watch the screen. In-stock seating models from Octane Seating can be purchased with some accessories already in place. Many models, for example, feature cup-holders or in-arm storage. However, a simple glance at our online catalog will show the many options that can be added to our custom media room seating. Furniture can include LED lighting, tablet computer holders, swiveling trays, and more. Our accessory options include the very best add-ons to make any entertainment room truly one of a kind.


When choosing the right media room furniture, buyers should keep in mind the arrangement of the room in which it will be placed. For example, recliners are not a good idea for row seating unless there is plenty of space between rows. Buyers will also want to think about how they want to arrange the furniture itself. Some luxury models will work well in a semicircle design that is popularly found in many media room designs, while other choices may not be the best fit. Just keep the room dimensions and floor layout in mind in order to choose the best furniture for the space.

The Very Best Furniture

No matter the media room seating ideas that customers may have in mind, the finest leather and the best accessories should be a part of any seating choice. It’s also key to keep the furniture’s arrangement in mind when designing the media room. Those who follow these principles should have no trouble creating the perfect entertainment space. And Octane Seating will be here to provide high-end furniture to meet every need.