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The world of antique furniture is full of priceless works of art that sell for small fortunes.  But what about modern day furniture?  Which pieces made today in 2017, command the same prices and deliver an exotic and luxurious end result?  What chair made this year can claim the title of ‘The World’s Most Expensive Chair’? We have the answer, and after weeks of digging through all the resources we know in the industry, we have compiled our list.

Sorted in the descending order i.e. from least to most expensive.

#12 Campana Brothers – Bolotas Armchair


Image Source: 1stdibs

The famed Brazilian designers from Sao Paulo – Fernando and Humberto Campas – have done it again with this sheep’s wool and Ipe wood chair. These two brothers are now world renowned artists and designers whose work has been featured and presented in some of the planet’s most famous museums.

The Bolotas chair shown here is available for delivery to your home for just $38,000.

#11 Martin Baker MK3 Ejection Seat Chair – Black Edition


Image Source:

The Martin Baker Ejection Seat MK3 – Black edition chair is another novel and exciting introduction of furniture made from this iconic aircraft ejection seat brand.  This particular seat was first introduced into planes in 1955 and was used in combat planes like the Hawker Hunter, Javelin, Vampire and the Vulcan.  The base of this chair is made with 50mm 316-grade steel tubing.  In total 16 different pieces of tubing are shaped and used to create this masterpiece.

The MK3 chair shown here is available for delivery to your home for just $39,995.

#10 The Remmus Sun Chair


The Remmus luxury sun chair is the epitome of outdoor style and design in a chair that includes a lot of extras.  Imagine those weekends relaxing back at the pool in one of these loungers while you press the automatic misters that gently mist the area around the seats with a cool spray from elegantly placed valves on the seat.  You can turn on some music that plays directly from hidden speakers located inside the seat itself.

This luxurious outdoor chair is now available from Remmus for $45,000.

#9 From the Glitter – by Kang Myung Sun


Image Source:

The mother of pearl chair by Kang Myung Sun from South Korea is a design marvel where natural elements are combined harmoniously with modern style to produce one of the most idyllic modern chairs in the world today.  This design took more than 6 months to develop and has been received with international claim and recognition.

The Pearl chair shown here is available for delivery to your home for just $50,000.

#8 Getsuen Diamond Armchair – by Masanori Umeda


Image Source: Switchmodern

This iconic armchair is designed with Swarovski crystal to resemble a flower in bloom and forms part of a wider collection of pieces called the Diamond Collection by Edra.  Other items in this collection include a sushi armchair by the Campana brothers and the Tatlin Sofa by Mario Cananzi and Roberto Semprini.

The Gutsuen chair shown here is available for delivery to your home for just $67,000.

#7 The Silhouette Chair


Image Source: 1stdibs

Organic and functional, the Silhouette Chair is strikingly crafted from a single copper panel which has been hand rolled and hammered. This age-old technique used by coachbuilders in the restoration and customization of classic cars enables the craftsman to form compound curves from a flat sheet.  A rich and supple leather hide is used on the seating surface and seat back.  Technically, this may be regarded as the world’s most expensive leather chair (excluding antiques). This chair won the prestigious ‘Design et al Award 2015’ in the chair category.

This sleek Silhouette chair is now available from David Linley for $78,000.

#6 The Xosted Lounge Chair


Image Source:

The Xosted Lounge Chair is designed after the custom built exhaust system and dash of a Porsche.  This chair takes over 300 man hours to build and is constructed from stainless steel and 24k gold plated.  Fortunately one has the option of customizing the size should you need it.  But with this masterpiece one is not only assured of a remarkable piece of furniture but also a conversation starter unlike anything else you might own.

The gold version of this chair shown here is now on sale for a cool $85,000.

#5 The Darboux Chair


Image Source:

The Darboux Mirror Chair in cast polished stainless steel is another iconic design from Craig Van Bruille that will stand out in your home and draw lots of admiration and awe.

The stainless version of this chair shown here is can be bought right now for $85,500.

#4 The Riemann Gilt Bronze Chair


Image Source:

The Riemann Gold Gilt Chair by acclaimed award-winning designer Craig Van Brulle is stunningly beautiful in this unique blend of modern day styling and stainless steel.  The chair itself is somewhat futuristic and ahead of it’s time yet gained notoriety and attention ever since its recent debut.

The Riemann Gold Gilt chair shown here is available for delivery to your home for just $90,000.

#3 The Onyx Chair


The Onyx chair is the next item in line proceeding the much talked about Onyx sofa, made from carbon and rock by the acclaimed Peugeot Design Team. The process is highly documented on their site here and shows how much time and effort goes into securing the onyx and then cutting and sculpting the rock to the desired shape.  The arm chair incorporates ferrous red jasper wood and steel.

The Onyx sofa chair shown here is now on sale for a cool $140,000.

#2 Z-Chair for Sawaya & Moroni – by Zaha Hadid


Image Source: 1stdibs

Zaha Hadid requires no introduction and exists as one of the most prolific 21st-century designers to have ever graced us with her skills and unbridled creativity. The Z-Chair is one of her finest designs and part of an exclusive collection that contains only 24 pieces. The chair is 3 dimensional and resembles a single controlled brush stroke that is encapsulated into steel for eternity.

The Z-Chair shown here is available for delivery to your home for just $204,000.

#1 The Skull Chair


Image Source: Harow

The Skull Chair is as unique as what it is expensive.  Considered a work of modern day art and highly professional styling, this chair caused a sensation when it debuted in 2017 and has garnered a ton of attention across the web with its diamond faceted exterior seat backs and sides, and a soft velvet interior seating section.  Designed and made in France by Harrow, this chair is crafted from fiberglass and 24 carat gold, along with black velvet.

The gold version of this chair shown here is now on sale for a cool $500,000.