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Luxury modern sofas have never been more diverse in style and materials but what happens when you are ready to stop at nothing but the very best?  We have the answer!  See our master list of the modern sofas (not antiques) that one can buy today when money is no object in your pursuit for the ultimate couch.

Sorted in the descending order i.e. from least to most expensive.

#15 PK31 – Poul Kjærholm for Fritz Hansen


Image Source: Hivemodern

Danish cabinetmaker Poul Kjærholm studied under furniture designer Hens Wegner Sydney Opera House architect Jørn Utzon. In the 1950’s Kjærholm embraced the use of steel as a furniture frame and created the PK 22 Chair. The modern PK31 Sofa is now produced by Fritz Hansen and still has that iconic steel frame and is available in many colors of Leather.

#14 DC 290 – Vincenzo De Cotiis for Ceccotti


Image Source: Milia Shop

The DC 290 Sofa was created by Milan-based architect and designer Vincenzo De Cotiis for Ceccotti, and Italian manufacturer. The DC 290 has a unique American Walnut frame with X-shaped-sides and a curved back that is available in 3 finishes. The cushions are down-filled, stitched with kangaroo twine and are available in many colors of fine leather.

#13 The Surf Sofa – Mattia Bonetti Cat-Berro


Image Source: 1stdibs

The Surf Sofa was designed in 2006 by Swiss-born Paris resident Mattia Bonetta. Bonetta’s work focuses on abstract forms with luxurious materials. The sea-inspired Surf Sofa has sculpted wenge wood feet and sycamore and wenge veneers with a psychedelic wavy pattern. The seafoam green and blue upholstery is made from wool velvet.

#12 Vis-à-vis de Gala Black Label Limited Edition – Salvador Dali and Barcelona Designs


Image Source: bdbarcelona

On the 20th anniversary of the death of Surrealist artist Salvador Dali, Barcelona Designs recreated his composition Vis-a-Vis de Gala, a pink and gold sofa with masculine and feminine hands as endcaps, indicated by a watch on the masculine side, and a jeweled bracelet on the feminine side. Barcelona Designs recreated this sofa with a solid wood frame with a polished black patina, and opulent black satin upholstery.

#11 The Drift Sofa – Fernando Mastrangelo


Image Source: 1stdibs

Sculptor Fernando Mastrangelo’s art is inspired by the natural word and often combines contrasting materials while remaining a sense of elegance. Drift (sofa) is the perfect example of this. It has a base made from sand with natural textures inspired by the Grand Canyon and Patagonia. To contrast the solid sand texture, the seating area is upholstered in soft, plush velvet.

#10 DS-600 – de Sede


Image Source: DeSede

The DS-600 Sofa system by Switzwerland based de Sede allows uses to create a multitude of shapes, sizes and configurations. The system is made of narrow, upholstered segments that can be zipped together in both conventional and more abstract arrangements. The $60,000 price shown here is for a 36-piece sofa but the sofa can be purchased in more or less pieces and is available in many colors, fabrics and leathers.

#9 The Boa – Campana Brothers for Edra


Image Source: Switchmodern

The Boa Sofa made headlines as one was purchased by reality star and model Kendall Jenner. Created by Brazilian designers/artists Fernando and Humberto Compana, the Boa is designed in their words to look like a “woven nest”, made of up of bundles of upholstered tubes woven into each other. The upholstery shown is a navy velvet with a purple sheen, but the sofa is available in other fabrics and colors.

#8 Aster Papposus –  Compana Brothers for Edra


Image Source: Switchmodern

Another creation by the Compana Brothers, the Aster Papposus Sofa is a circle sofa with and abstract design evocative of a sea creature. It is formed by two stacking two starfish-like shapes on top of each other. The filling and structure are composed of feathers and polyurethane foam, and is upholstered in soft mohair fabric from the fleece of angora goats. Alternate versions have been upholstered in shiny blue satin fabric.

#7 The Zephyr – Zaha Hadid


Image Source: 1stdibs

The Zephyr Sofa was designed by Zaha Hadid, the first woman ever to win a Pritzker Architecture Prize. The Zephyr takes its inspiration for natural rock formations created from erosion and is made up of flowing shapes that suggest fluid movement. The Zephyr is make up of pieces that have no front or back and can be placed against each other in any direction. Outside surfaces have a glossy lacquer and seating areas are covered with foam and fabric.

#6 The Toad – Maximo Riera Studio


Image Source:

Part of Spanish artist Maximo Riera’s Animal Collection, the two-seater Toad Sofa marries biological and organic shapes like skin folds and bumps, with smooth, elegant seating surfaces that have a minimalist baroque style. The Toad Sofa is headless as the seating area is where the head would be to “establish an emotional connection with the viewer”. The Toad Sofa has a steel frame and the seating area is upholstered in fine leather.

#5 Kaiman Jakare – Compana Brothers for Edra


Image Source: dePlain

The Compana Brothers make the list for the third time with Kaiman Jakare Sofa make up of six distinct pieces, each with an organic, abstract shape and are designed to fit over and around each other for a setting that is full of dynamic movement. Each piece is filled with polyurethane foam and feathers and is upholstered in crocodile embossed leather.

#4 The Hippo – Maximo Riera Studio


Image Source:

Another piece from Maximo Riera’s Animal Collection, is the Hippopotamus Sofa. Like the Toad Sofa mentioned before, this sofa displays the true-to-life detailing that would be found on an actual animal. However, Hippopotamus Sofa is also the actual size of an adult male hippopotamus and showcases a distinct face in addition to the backside. The frame is made from steel and the seating area built into the side is upholstered in fine leather.

#3 Tatlin Diamond Sofa – Mario Cananzi & Roberto Semprini for Edra


Image Source: Switchmodern

Mario Cananzi and Roberto Semprini loosely took their inspiration for the Tatlin Diamond Sofa from Tatlin’s Tower, a Russian Tower that was a symbol for the Constructivist movement that was designed but never built. The totem-shaped Tatlin Diamond Sofa was designed in collaboration with Swarovski, and is upholstered in a Kevlar material studded with thousands of Swarovski crystals.

#2 Diamond Flap – Mario Cananzi & Roberto Semprini for Edra


Image Source: dePlain

The Diamond Flap Sofa was the first piece designed in the Diamond series by Mario Cananzi and Roberto Semprini in collaboration Swarovski and like the Tatlin Diamond Sofa listed above, is covered with Kevlar fabric and is studded with around 750 thousand Swarovski crystals. The Diamond Flap Sofa offers flexible cushions that can be shaped to for different uses, and to give the sofa a different look.

#1  Peugeot Onyx Sofa – Pierre Gimbergues


Image Source: Peugeot Design Lab

The Onyx Sofa was designed by Pierre Gimbergues for Peugeot Global Design Lab. The goal of all the Onyx projects is to create a union between modern, high-tech materials and raw, natural materials. The Onyx Sofa is almost 10 feet long and made from Volvic volcanic lava stone that has been cut, hand-carved and combined with a high-tech carbon fiber.