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Stainless Black Steel Cup Holders

There are a number of new and exciting accessories that have come into the Octane line this month – as well as some material New Octane Seating Black Stainless Steel Cup Holder with Lightschanges to many of the components in the products, like power buttons and cup holders.  These changes are improvements to the quality of the product that are part of our annual review of our product line-up.

As the Octane brand continues to grow and develop, we have focused our energy on delivering a truly world-class product, where we control every aspect of the production and development.  The end result is that our customers win, and we move forward in our quest to innovate comfort from innovation.  With that said, check out these beautiful new black brushed stainless steel cup holders on the in-stock line-up.  These black cups are standard on the majority of the in-stock models now but if you prefer stainless steel, that is easily available as an alternative.


Aluminum Tray Tables

Another exciting addition to the accessory options are our new aluminum tray tables.  We love our standard black tables and new octane aluminum tray tablespent a long time finding the best material surface for that item. But if you want an upgrade, go with this new table.

The finish is again brushed, so that one does not see fingerprints, and the surface is highly durable and easy to clean.  This is a superb consideration if you are in the market for new Octane seats with tray tables.

The post on this tray – like the standard black trays – is made from solid stainless and is very heavy and durable.  It slides in and out of the front insert easily so that the table can be removed as required when no longer needing it.


Power Button Controls

octane seating lighted cup holder and usb chargerFor a while now, we have been scouring the market for a power control button set that would best represent what Octane stands for and would deliver a major upgrade on performance and durability.  We can comfortably say that after almost a year of searching and working with our partners to develop the right component, we are finally there.

The look and innovative styling fit perfectly with our brand.  The buttons utilize core functionality that is intuitive to use and elegant to look at.  These include double touch sensors, USB charging ports and a brushed black steel finish.

In the image shown to the left, the back button is the USB charger and the button that is lit controls the lighting in the cup holders and under the seat.  The two front buttons control the recline and incline.