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The Octane Viper is a seat that we have carried in our custom line for a number of years and are very excited to introduce this chair into the Quick Ship program in premium black top grain leather and power recline. Now one can have the Viper in your home, in as little as 2 weeks, in straight rows with lights and power recline. This seat will not be available in the Quick Ship program in manual recline but only motorized recline.


Clean Contemporary Design

The lines on this theater chair are clean and straight. This gives the Viper a modern profile and is only achieved through the tireless work and effort of our designers. They were able to engineer the perfect chair using a predominantly foam core, along with high resiliency fibers, that are hand selected to produce the very best seat.

Adjustable Headrest

The adjustable headrest on the Viper can be manually positioned up or down in the exact height that best suits your body. The goal with this chair is to be able to conform to every shape and size body so that the person sitting in the furniture can relax and absorb the entertainment in front of them.

Black Metal Cup Holders

The trademark black metal cupholders of Octane Seating give the modern look of this iconic seat an aggressive profile. These cup holders have a subtle deep blue light around the rim that can be controlled by the switch on the inside armrest. This eery glow from around the black metal looks like the eyes of a tiger and that is exactly the look we want this seat to deliver.

Metal Accessory Dock

The metal accessory dock located on the front armrest will hold all the Octane Accessories® like tray tables, reading lights, cigar holders, popcorn holders and more. This dock is the key to Octane's versatility and function. We want you to stay connected to the digital world as you immerse yourself in supreme ergonomic comfort and enjoy what's on the screen in front of you. This is your Captain's Seat!

Chaise Styled Footrest

The full leather support from the seat cushion all the way to the end of the foot rest is what defines true comfort in a chair for long periods of time. The continuous leg support gives the user the endurance to be able to relax, kick back and lose yourself for hours in your favorite new movie.

Ambient Base Lighting

Ambient base rail lights exist under every seat that is turned on/off from the control switch along with the cup holder lights. This beautiful ambient glow under the chairs sets the mood for the evening and ensures everyone can find their seats in the dark.

Top Grain Thick Leather

Top grain leather is the portion of the hide that is cut from the top where the hide is most durable and developed. This ensures strength during use, but also softness. Lower portions of the hide tend to be less susceptible to stretching and pulling which make them less desirable for furniture seating surfaces.

Extra Plush Foam Core

The foam core inside the theater chair is highly resilient and made to maintain its clean straight lines through everyday use. There is nothing quite like this soft comfort in the market today. The seat cushion is made with groups of tiny pocket coils (like mattress coils) that ensure consistency in the seating and deliver the comforting support one would expect from a luxury chair of this caliber.

Full Lower Lumbar Support

The lower lumbar region of any seat is crucially important to the comfort of the chair. Ensuring that this portion of the seat has the absolute correct combination of fiber, fill, memory foam and comfort can make or break a chair. Lower lumbar support is a key driver of back health and Octane pays careful attention to this region of every seat.

Free USB Charging Port

The power controls on the inside arm of this chair include a free USB charging port for your laptop and tablet. Simply slide in the charging cable and enjoy being plugged into the digital universe for hours as you watch and enjoy the show.

Thank you so much to the team here that worked hard to make this seat a reality through the tireless updates and changes to the styling.  We know your hard work and effort will be well rewarded and look forward to feedback from our customers and dealers.