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In the creation of a high-end home theater, many people place the main focus on the electronic components, such as the television and the sound system. While these are integral parts of a luxury home theater, they are not the only items to consider. The seating installed in a viewing space is also of paramount importance for the overall function and style of the room. No one wants to sit on drab chairs without innovative features in a home theater. Instead, consumers should strive to purchase stylish and comfortable seating that performs well. Octane Seating has an extensive selection of affordable seating that’s perfect for professional home theater installation.

Turbo-Slice-V1-mediumContinual innovation is what sets Octane Seating apart from our competitors. The seating that we design and produce promises innovative features that consumers will appreciate. Our seating portfolio includes a wide variety of materials and seating options. Chairs can also include high-performance features such as the Octane Accessory Dock. This low-profile dock has a place for everything the consumer needs or wants while watching the big screen. A tablet holder with adjustable pins can hold a variety of different mobile devices for convenient use and viewing while sitting. A USB charger awaits to top off a cell phone or tablet. A swivel tray table is also available, if desired. An LED reading light can easily illuminate the area when necessary. A glow-in-the-dark cup-holder makes it simple to find the spot for a beverage. In-arm storage conveniently stows away remotes for safe keeping. Consumers can even place a wine glass securely into a holder for easy access. Some units also feature heat and massage systems managed with a hand controller.

Octane Seating is passionate about wellness. That’s why our luxury seating offers the best designs that will support the body and keep it aligned correctly. Stress and muscle fatigue are common for people today, especially after long days on the job. When people sink into one of our quality chairs, they will have instantaneous lower lumbar support and full support of the head and upper body. We believe that furniture design should offer the best of both technology and wellness.

When stylish seating is a priority for media room installation, Octane Seating delivers effortlessly. Custom embroidery is available in both simple and complex designs. Consumers can chose single-color and multi-color embroidery. We use only the best materials and state-of-the-art equipment to create embroidered designs such as company logos, family monograms, and team logos. We also offer custom welting and stitching in any matching or contrasting thread color. Customers can request a variety of different stitch designs for custom welting, including baseball-stitching or double-stitching. Custom nail heads are also a winning choice. Nail heads are available in many different sizes, colors, and designs.

Consumers who demand only the best in professional home theater installation will understand and appreciate the professional quality we offer in our home seating. As an authorized Octane Seating dealer, you can feel confident about the products you offer your customers. Authorized dealers may also sell seating for media room installation online. Explore the many different seating options that you can offer customers for sale!