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When planning and designing a luxury, high-end media space, one of the biggest considerations must be the largest feature in the room, aside from the screen: the chairs. While all eyes will be on the screen once the movie starts, before the lights are dimmed, the eye will naturally be drawn to the room’s theater-style seating when guests first enter; take this opportunity to make a big impact. It’s important to choose movie-theater-style seats that meet the expectations of guests visiting the space and reflect the attention to detail and luxury expected by the private entertainment industry. No matter what your clients’ tastes, Octane Seating has the answer in our wide variety of custom theater seating styles.

blaze-black-lights-mediumOctane Seating is proud to provide the best in commercial-quality theater-style seating for any luxury entertainment space. We offer plush, top-of-the-line styles in many colors and upholstered with fine leather or Ultra Suede. Custom embroidery is also available for that extra personalized touch. Our premium theater seats can also be ordered with unique accessories and additional features, including power recline, LED-lit cup-holders, wine glass holders, USB chargers, adjustable tablet holders, and heat and massage features. Our theater seats are truly the best money can buy, and you can purchase our luxury theater seating in a wide variety of styles to suit your customers’ preferences, from contemporary to retro to modern to Western. No matter what the look or function of the space being furnished, we have movie-theater-style seats that will be the star of the show, at least until the lights go down.

Which Is the Best Theater Seat Style For Your Unique Space?

Are you working with an unusually large or small space? That won’t be a problem. Our quality theater seats are available in a variety of configurations that can fit any room. We offer single chairs as well as groupings of two, three, or four seats, so whether you need to fit just a few individual seats into a smaller space or you have ample room to put in multiple rows of seats, we have the best solution to suit the space and specific need, including seats that feature a unique space-saving design.

At Octane Seating, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of theater seating design and innovation. Not only are all of our seating styles of the highest quality, but we also incorporate features that help to alleviate muscle fatigue, such as lower lumbar support and full head support. We don’t just want our seats to be stylish: We want them to be the best. We’re committed to customer satisfaction, always striving to make sure that every customer with our seats in their media space is completely satisfied, as are the professionals and businesses that we work with. Interested in bringing this level of quality, comfort, and style into your clients’ spaces? Contact us today, either online or by phone, to get started.